Jurassic Park (1993)

Steven Spielberg directs Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum in this sci-fi adventure movie where a theme park with resurrected dinosaurs as the main attractions runs amok.

The game changer. I was more excited about Last Action Hero that summer… and adamantly stuck to my guns for at least a decade over which was the better blockbuster. But now I concede… Spielberg’s mastery, John Williams’ rousing score, Stan Winston’s amazing physical creature design, Phil Tippet’s go motion dinosaurs, Goldblum’s eccentric sass. All add up to a beautiful, lively concoction, one that still marvels after dozens upon dozens of revisits. If I was picking nits, I’d suggest that the wonder of seeing dinosaurs dominates over the action. Aside from the iconic Tyrannosaurus-Rex escape, the set pieces are minor cliffhangers; an electric fence being turned on, a race down a dark hallway, getting the computerised door locks to work. The movie just ends abruptly with the survivors somehow escaping into the credits yet seemingly no safer or with any less lethal creatures to deal with at the end of the third act than the shit they were in at the start of the third act. Not that this really matters as we came for dinosaurs and thrills, Spielberg delivers breathlessly. Delivers in a way that would have been impossible to achieve any decade earlier, and of a class that studios seem unconcerned about in the decades since.


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