Salt (2010)

Phillip Noyce directs Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor in this action thriller where a CIA analyst is outed as a Soviet double agent and has to go on the run to save her husband and the leaders of the free world.

Infamously originally written for a male lead (Tom Cruise?) until they swapped the gender of the protagonist. Girl Power aside, Salt proves a pretty rote Jason Bourne rip off that is saved by a slam bang chase in the middle. The sequence where Angelina leaps from moving trucks over different lanes of the highway is gourmet popcorn. Jolie is a stylish but blank presence and that works quite well with all these mechanical twists that clunk into place every twenty minutes or so. You’ll give up caring what side she is on long before the movement ends. Polished but forgettable.


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