Tina (2021)

Dan Lindsay and T. J. Martin direct Tina Turner, Ike Turner and Roger Davies in this celebration of Tina’s career and life.

OK… so the LA ‘92 filmmakers were unlikely to submit a corporate puff piece but this does seem to focus on Ike’s abuse and the media’s vampiric fascination with it just a little too often. Her sad upbringing and then exploitation by her violent husband means this a struggle to enjoy at times as an entertainment. I wouldn’t personally cut any of the content… just maybe add 15 more minutes so we can enjoy the music and Thunderdome just a smidge more. Her hardwork to reinvent herself in the Eighties and forge an unparalleled solo career is the highlight. It is also the period where she seems to have the most fun, you can relax into the stories behind the hits and her manager Roger Davies shines. A quiet, smart man – he is a testament that not everyone in the music industry is a leech and sometimes the suits are valuable for more than funding or logistics. I’d love to have seen a still game and joyfully unguarded Tina share a little on screen reunion with her sweet and sensitive business partner. As a preemptive official eulogy to her career, Lindsay & Martin employ all the current documentary techniques with a classy prestige. Makes you want to dig out her greatest hits, so mission accomplished.


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