Deep Rising (1998)

Stephen Sommers directs Treat Williams, Famke Janssen and Kevin J. O’Conner in this monster action comedy where a cruise liner’s passenger list has been devoured by a sea monster and only some pirates, a thief and the owner are left to escape the ship.

A R rated wet run for The Mummy. A mash up of Die Hard and The Poseidon Adventure and Aliens. A vast roster of C-list ‘that guy’s who you can pretty much guess what order they’ll get ate up in… apart from the first two. A wisecracking Shaggy from Scooby Doo take that is simultaneously annoying and likeable from O’Conner. An excuse for peak Famke Janssen to wear both a stunning red evening dress and a wet t-shirt. When the muscleheads bicker she steps just outta shot to change up her look. Nineties teen beauty Claire Forlani was originally cast as master thief Trillian St. James but walked from the set… And I think that worked out for the best in the long run. Some really cheap ass CGI that is used quickly enough that you don’t mind it. A literal boatload of sticky gore including a half digested man popping back to say his last words. A jet ski outracing tentacles and an explosion through the corridors finale. A fun little joke joke cliffhanger. Neither as fantastic as it sounds or as terrible as it could have been, Deep Rising is a perfectly average no-brainer beer and pizza movie. They don’t make em like this anymore. Shame that.


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