Sabotage (2014)

David Ayer directs Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mireille Enos and Olivia Williams in this action thriller where a corrupt DEA unit try to figure out who is killing them off one-by-one after a scam goes wrong.

A second try and this is still a major disappointment. Possibly the one project of the big Arnie comeback that had the potential to be a classic like the old days. It has a strong hook, lashings of gory, explicit violence and a toxic macho attitude. And it falls flat on its face. Casting is a big problem… your Sam Worthingtons and Terrence Howards and Mireille Enoses are not just already difficult to like actors in repugnant roles but they don’t really convince as the badass unit of every cartel’s worst nightmares. They try to talk the talk but you cannot imagine them walking the walk. It is very hard to care about a team this detestable, who not just behave shittily to each other and everyone else but consistently make dumb choices and tactical errors to boot. For example: You’ve got ten seconds until that oncoming train hits your caravan. The door is definitely locked. At what point wouldn’t you try the fucking window?… Still Arnie is as hard and pure as ever. There is an obviously tacked on reshoot ending where he takes on a dive bar of nobodies in a Stetson that is superior to any of the cacophony of nihilism that came before it. Seriously, that five minute amendment epilogue raises Sabotage’s score here significantly.


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