I Witness (2003)

Rowdy Herrington directs Jeff Daniels, Portia de Rossi and James Spader in this conspiracy thriller where a human rights observer becomes embroiled in the discovery and cover-up of a mass grave in Tijuana.

Aiming for the same vibe as Missing, Salvador or The Year of Living Dangerously, this perfectly adequate thriller suffers from having a particularly helpful drug cartel become a third act fairy godmother when it looks like all is lost. Those drug cartels are pretty classy guys. Sniping aside; the acting is strong, the various discordant plot threads tie together cleverly and the other real world political elements ring true. It is a worthy little film involving outsourcing, union busting and corruption. Unsensational and surprisingly sober, well made enough that if it was retelling an actual tragedy or historical investigation it very well might have been an awards contender.


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