August 32nd on Earth (1998)

Denis Villeneuve directs Pascale Bussières, Alexis Martin and Richard S. Hamilton in this existential romantic comedy where two friend… one of whom might be dead, the other in a relationship… fly to the desert to have sex.

A competent calling card debut, set in a series of chaste purgatories where time has seemingly stopped. The kinda movie you often would find playing on TV when you got home after closing time, too drunk to log but that then hides away in your subconsciousness. Deadpan, resourceful, unresolved. There are stunning shots and a degree of well composed intimacy. The narrative is disjointed enough that you can bring your own meanings to the riddler components. Made in a decade where this sort of low key, magical realist independent cinema was the norm, it now feels like a nostalgic relic.


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