Extreme Prejudice (1987)

Walter Hill directs Nick Nolte, Powers Booth and Michael Ironside in this action thriller where a Texas Ranger from a border town wars with his childhood best friend who runs a drug smuggling empire.

Also starring: María Conchita Alonso! Rip Torn! William Forsythe! AND Clancy MUTHAFUCKIN’ Brown! Holy shit… this must be the greatest movie none of us have ever seen. And you know what? Extreme Prejudice is pretty, pretty, pretty good. A modern day western. That favourite sub-genre of mine. With a Ry Cooder twangy guitar score to boot. Nolte’s white hat is a bit of a hulk… his only personality quirk is he doesn’t like people joining him for a drink uninvited. Powers Booth channels his inner Cy Tolliver and plays the vainglorious cartel boss with a cocky sadness. He’s the best thing in this and chews up some awesome lines. Ironside runs a secret special ops unit of “officially dead” soldiers… this is where your Forsythes and Clancys come in. A lot of screentime is spent on them… you get the best action sequence with the zombie squad as they stage a robbery to match Point Break’s immersive heists… but they really deserve their own movie. They distract from the purer western duel between the leads. What they do add is extra guns to the grand finale. Hill (always comfortable with an action ensemble) replays The Wild Bunch massacre with automatic weapons and rather callously kills off most of the cast with same disregard as if they were extras. There’s something true about not giving each of them an extended death scene but by the credits you can’t help but wonder whether even more could have made out of all the potential that the hook, the movie poster and the cool trailer have!? Strange to watch a movie that hits the spot, exceeds expectations yet leaves you begging.


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