The Straight Story (1999)

David Lynch directs Richard Farnsworth, Sissy Spacek and Everett McGill in this biographical road movie about Alvin Straight, a pensioner who drove across states on a lawnmower.

The Rosetta Stone for Lynch heads. Here is how the Eagle Scout sees the world without nightmare murders, sex angels or purgatory waiting rooms. A gentle, pastoral place where good people bicker and help each other. Where lives run on a rail until they hit the road. A man enjoying one last adventure, trying to recapture his freedom and face his mortality. Spacek gives fine support as his mentally challenged but strong of heart daughter. Don’t let the family friendly certificate fool you. This is mature film about regret, overcoming tragedy… fucking life. It has the down home humour of a gentler episode of King of the Hill and the spiritual inclinations of a religious parable. It is also tremendously sweet to watch. The kind of cinema that declutters your brain a little, gives all your misgivings about the world a chance to relax. Lovely stuff.


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