The Stranger (1995)

Fritz Kiersch directs Kathy Long, Andrew Divoff and Ginger Lynn Allen in this action movie where a vengeful blonde rides into town to take down a biker gang.

A modern day DTV remake of High Plains Drifter with background goon roles for Danny Trejo and the gnarled guy who Arnie steals his clothes from in T2. Meant as a vehicle for former Kickboxing champion and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman stunt double Kathy Long. She’s no Gina Carano, proving too stiff with her minimal dialogue and low stakes brawling. And a lot of this is cool posturing rather than ass whupping in a desert town. We do get a sex scene that somewhat surprisingly doesn’t involve porn star gone mainstream actor Ginger Lynn Allen. She actually gives the best performance as the town harpie. I watched this to try out something else in Tuff Turf director Fritz Kiersch forgotten movie back catalogue. Looks like the teen gang movie treat was an outlier.


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