She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Amy Seimetz directs Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams and Kentucker Audley in this indie drama where an infectious fatalism spreads among a bunch of posh cunts who spend their last day blankly staring into space and bumming me out.

One of those movies that make all the critics’ end of year lists so you dutifully watch and then wonder… who the actual fuck is employing these dicks for their opinions? Maybe their aspirational upper middle class lifestyles of awkward dinner parties, modern art on the walls and bad relationships are mirrored here? I don’t know. This just plays out like bad fringe theatre. A real Emperor’s New Clothes situation. The concept has been fleshed out far better before in Camus’ The Plague and the Canadian indie gem Last Night. It doesn’t help that this ponderous, deadpan time waster has been billed everywhere as a horror. They aren’t all going to die because of some terrifying Lovecraftian pandemic, they are going to die as someone decided to film a bunch of their slightly famous mates doing an acting class exercise and pass it off as a feature length movie.


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