Wolfwalkers (2020)

Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart direct Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker and Sean Bean in this Irish animation where the daughter of one of Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers befriends the wild girl who lives in the woods and turns into a wolf in her sleep.

I tend not to watch current kids’ movies now being child-free and finding the critically lauded ones to be often awfully middle class – joyless and conservative. They lack anarchy and fun, are more about emotions than thrilling the pants off of naive eyes. Say what you want about the feature length toy adverts I grew up on but they were action packed and silly affairs. Wolfwalkers had much that I enjoyed though. A Fox & The Hound style across the tracks / ‘we aren’t so different after all’ friendship. Rousing adventure with a strong basis in actual Irish history and a Celtic mystical tilt that appeals to these second generation paddy tastes. A nice, scruffy, chaotic, flowing visual sense that pulls you along like a bolt from a crossbow. If I had a young family I’d happily take them to see this hand drawn treat.


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