Calm With Horses (2020)

Nick Rowland directs Cosmo Jarvis, Barry Keoghan and Ned Dennehy in this Irish gangster movie where a small town enforcer feels his life spiral out of control when he is ordered to kill a local man.

All about muddy atmosphere and scruffy setting, this leans into its country milieu hoping for authenticity. Really it is just a Guinness soaked update of Mean Streets and Miller’s Crossing. Not bad sources to crib from. The frequent lurches into sentimentality all but neuter it by the end, which is a shame as when it is being a nasty little thriller it persuades and hits the spot. There’s a budget obliterating car chase and a late in the day surprise behind the door of a posh country house… but sadness and pretensions dominate just when you are primed to enjoy having a go.


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