Movie of the Week: Mangrove (2020)

Steve McQueen directs Shaun Parkes, Letitia Wright and Malachi Kirby in this courtroom drama following the fallout after the racist harassment of a Ladbroke Grove restaurant from the police.

After the lacklustre Trial of The Chicago 7, here is a similar political period piece with something to say rather than distractingly pithy dialogue. McQueen’s best film so far; whether he holds on a crying face or a disturbed saucepan you know the wider context, the personal wound or the societal tragedy. Is this television? Television for me is a glimpse into a life or a sequential episode. This is a visual wallop of storytelling, with a defined start, character growth and a thudding conclusion. This is cinema. The scope is there. The impact is there. We just need to get used to such work missing the big screen for now. For now…


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