Angel Heart (1987)

Alan Parker directs Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Robert De Niro in this horror noir where a detective seeks out a missing person for a demonic client.

Much like The Devil’s Advocate, this is a movie where clearly a character is going to be revealed as Lucifer himself but for some reason, and in spite of all the advertising spoiling the “surprise”, it holds the revelation back until the final act. Does De Niro make a good fallen trickster? Yes… and bizarrely it is mainly because he plays him like friend Martin Scorsese. The noir aspect is very random… this is a very waywardly plotted, absent minded, headless chicken detective mystery. Rourke is handsome and captivating in the lead role, an unreliable gumshoe. Watching this, it becomes pretty clear that Bruce Willis cribbed his schtick wholesale from the prettier but less enduring star. The whole thing looks fantastic. Parker is fully committed to force feeding atmosphere and dread into his already rich period locations. A classy piece of nasty to look at, with jarring scarring moments. A late in the action sex scene is particularly troubling for all the wrong reasons… discombobulating and perverse.


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