Salon Kitty (1976)

Tinto Brass directs Teresa Ann Savoy, Ingrid Thulin and Helmut Berger in this notorious sexploitation hit about a real life Nazi brothel.

Sets out to unpleasantly shock in the first half hour – live animals are butchered, foetuses displayed, sex with deformed humans ogled. Then settles into a marathon of glitzy soft porn. The plot zeroes in on the sweet face and babyfat body of Savoy and not a lot else happens. The production design by Bond / Kubrick maestro Ken Adams is dazzling but all in the service of a bonking film that offers little human variety… very slowly. If Swastikas and lacy lingerie get you off… any 10 minutes out of context should do. The fact that the true story of Berlin’s espionage fuelled Salon Kitty would actually make for a fine film or miniseries, with some care and ambition, is the saddest indictment of this wasteful relic.


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