Bad Education (2020)

Cory Finley directs Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney and Ray Romano in this true story of a New York multi-million dollar school embezzlement scandal.

Owing more than a passing wave in the school hallways to Election, this is a fine showcase for Hugh Jackman – Thespian, darling. The charming star here gets to do a bit of the old actual acting. There are a dozen scenes of spectacular monologues or hoodwinking double speak that display the talent his action franchises and romcoms never really tapped. We all knew he had the chops, it is just nice now Wolverine has hung up his claws that he can start utilising them. This is a keen, admirably low key, take on a white collar criminal enterprise falling apart; gleefully cataloguing the betrayals and brassnecked naughtiness of the greedy shared office perpetrators. I’d say the film does suffer from sidelining Allison Janney a little too early from the action. Her and Jackman’s platonic and conspiratorial energy is electric in the first act. Yet as (almost) forgivable fraudsters, these Wolves of Write-Offs, prove acidic but compelling company.


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