Bloodshot (2020)

David S. F. Wilson directs Vin Diesel, Guy Pearce and Eiza González in this comic book actioner where a soldier is brought back to life by a swarm of nanobots in his bloodstream giving him indestructible superpowers and wiring him for revenge missions.

First things first. More than half the time this looks utterly fantastic. There’s an extreme use of blues and reds, a thick gloss, that means this a treat for the eyes. Sadly the remainder of the film relies on CGI stunt avatars and looks about as convincing as Diesel’s acting. He a star, not a talent, and this film winds him up and puts him in the right direction for carnage. Essentially once it has all its misdirection and exposition out of the way, the plot reveals itself to be a very tech heavy spin on Memento. So its a nice touch seeing original misguided lo-fi death machine Guy Pearce now take on the Joey Pantalino role of his own classic. It all adds up to no great shakes… with only a comedy hacker making a lasting impression in a love it / hate it take on a tired support character. Watch only if you have two hours to kill.


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