Wedlock (1991)

Lewis Teague directs Rutger Hauer, Mimi Rogers and James Remar in this sci-fi prison break movie where a diamond thief in the near future finds himself shackled with an exploding collar that will detonate if he gets too far from a sexy inmate with a hidden agenda.

The kinda movie whose trailer was frontloaded onto every video I rented in 1992! Far better than it has any right to be… definitely thanks to a B-Movie cast enjoying one last romp before they are relegated to the DTV doldrums. Everyone here goes big so you can enjoy this at home. It is a tie between Stephen Tobolowsky’s slimy warden and Joan Chen’s maniacal cackling moll over who vamps it up the best. Hauer and Rogers have sexy chemistry as The Defiant Ones who are gonna get it on. He plays neatly against type as a reluctant nerd coward who throws down like a boss only when absolutely necessary. The near future setting is lightly satirical… it is easier to think of it is an alternative 1991 rather than some far reaching prophetic dystopia. With all the chuckle worthy cheese on offer it is easy to forget it should be an action thriller first and foremost. I’d have preferred at least one more set-piece that involved the perfect plot hook of the deadly synced up bomb collars getting lethally distant from each other… but this throwaway flick is clearly here for a good time not for a long time. And on that it delivers.


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