The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Jim Sharman directs Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Richard O’Brien in this camp cult sci-fi spoof musical where an unwitting couple turn up on the doorstep of a transsexual alien mad scientist.

Something for everyone or everyone for something. If you like girls there’s Susan Sarandon in her tighty whities. If you like boys then Meatloaf bursts through a wall on a motorcycle and raises hell. If you like everything then there’s Tim Curry’s delicious, iconic gender bending wickedness. Oh to be a show stealer in a show as mad as box of frogs. The numbers are toe tapping bangers, the look is pure maniac magic. So it does drag its feet with nowhere else really to go in the last reel… that’s a minor problem in a film as energetic and loveable as this. I can’t understand why it was critically reviled on release. I can completely understand why outsider audiences discovered it, interacted with it, further fetishised it and made it their own. I wish my generation had such a rites of passage.


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