Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

Kevin Smith directs Jason Mewes, himself and Harley Quinn Smith in this belated sequel to his View Askew Universe where the Quick Stop weed dealers go on yet another road trip to check in on nearly all the stalwarts of their indie comedy franchise (aside from Chris Rock and Suzanne).

Utterly unnecessary. The fact that this is an unashamed retread of the least rewatchable of Kevin Smith’s personal comedies should have rung alarm bells. A sequel to Mallrats or Dogma or Clerks II? I’m in. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back DLC though… only if I really, really have to. Like Bill & Ted 3 this gets by on your long pent up affection for the performers and running jokes. I laughed out loud more at the blunt force crudeness here than the slightly uncertain compromises of The Wyld Stallyns. But at least Winter & Reeves had the common decency to keep their running time as close to 90 minutes as humanly possible. This sprawls out of control and very much up its own arse with a pain inducing 15 minutes of indulgent meta excess still to go. Yet the cameos from now A-Listers and retired favourites make this for the fans. The best two are the longest scenes. Jason Lee and… well… someone else. Someone else who doesn’t need to pay his dues yet rocks up and truly delivers. I doubt Reboot will ever make it into my cherished Smith DVD collection. But its at least funnier than Cop Out or Jersey Girl. Let us end it here though, yeah? Please! On possibly the best end credit sting one liner ever… a grace note to lock things up.


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