The Water Diviner (2014)

Russell Crowe directs himself, Olga Kurylenko and Yılmaz Erdoğan in this Aussie WWI epic where a grieving father travels to Gallipoli to find the bodies of his three fallen sons.

A robustly old fashioned movie that manages to out sweep Spielberg and Lean at times in its immediacy and bold storytelling. Sure, certain moments are clunky, cheesy or manipulative but Crowe the director has a natural talent at establishing characters you care about using very few moves on the board. The adventure sequences feel like they are from a far more expensive film, the romance is warm and well earned, the camaraderie between previous enemies hits a jovial note surprisingly quickly and the horrors of war are lingered on long enough so that they don’t just feel like an exploitative instigating plot point. I was thoroughly impressed by this and it entertained me effortlessly.


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