The Trout (1982)

Joseph Losey directs Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Spiesser and Jeanne Moreau in this erotic drama where a country girl works her way up the ranks of society as the chaste paramour for a series of wealthy patrons.

The first half hour promises more than the film delivers. We get teen Huppert milking fish and avoiding groping old letchs. Then she is hustling in a bowling alley. Tres chic. Then dumping her fey husband of convenience to go on a business trip to Japan. Then we get a little lost and loose for an hour. Then she’s inadvertently empowering Jeanne Moreau to confront her feckless husband. It all amounts to nothing and certain key plot points about business deals are skirted over with a hurried clumsiness. But Huppert is the tits here… as one of Losey’s trademark class and sexuality obliterating enigmas she holds a ramshackle enterprise together.


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