Pretty In Pink (1986)

Howard Deutch directs Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer and Harry Dean Stanton in this teen romance between a wrong side of the tracks girl and a haircut posho.

Watched as part of Natalie’s Birthday James Spader Double Bill. He’s a yuppie scumbag with a hall pass here as Steff. A monster with access to too much cocaine and too much hairspray. It is quite the ‘Do. He holds his slimy own against scene stealers Cryer, Stanton, Annie Potts and Andrew Dice Clay. A proper boo hiss nasty. The film itself is motored by an excellent as standard John Hughes soundtrack and Ringwald being right in her element. Her sparkle manages to smooth over the formulaic nature of the set-up and the fact that Andrew McCarthy’s spineless romantic interest is the least understandable option on offer. The fairytale ending was notoriously reshot and that shit dress she makes out of the two superior prom dresses needs to have a word with itself. Flaws aside this is an easy watch. Fluffy romance with solid class commentary.


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