Shadow of Fear (2004)

Rich Cowan directs James Spader, Matt Davis and Robin Tunney in this thriller where a property developer finds himself in the pocket of a mansion-bound Machiavelli when he hits a bank robber with his car.

Saturday night is Yuppie-In-Peril night at Casa Del Carroll. And Natalie certainly doesn’t need a specific day of the week to watch a James Spader flick. This is one of a series of DTV cheapies he made as his star power waned at the start of the new century. Cheap, unfocused and truncated. Spader plays various white boys off against each other so he can keep all the town’s mover and shakers, officials and oligarchs in his pocket. There’s a hint he’ll stick his dick in their wives, daughters or even them just as a perk. Maybe Spader brings that unspoken rule into the script. The problem is Matt Davis is absolute lumber and even a better performer couldn’t carve a sympathetic character out of his part as written. Bank robberies, million dollar scams and murders are mentioned in passing but this is 90% people mooching behind desks.


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