Passenger 57 (1992)

Kevin Hooks directs Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne and Elizabeth Hurley in the action thriller where a terrorist hijacks a flight with an airline security expert on board.

Cool trailer, rubbish movie. This has aged like vinegar. Possibly the worst Die Hard – On – A- Plane movie. It doesn’t have Con Air’s zaniness. Nor Executive Decision’s tension. Or even Turbulence’s Ray Liotta batshit powerhouse. The cast are game and try to elevate a script that has to rope together the studio mandated trailer moments and not a lot else. Tom Sizemore > Bruce Payne > Bruce Greenwood > Wesley Snipes > Liz Hurley. Yet clearly a decision was made to move the action from the plane as quickly as possible meaning that Passenger 57 is a film that only cursorily delivers on its hook for all of 20 minutes. All filler, trace levels of killer.


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