Jack (1996)

Francis Ford Coppola directs Robin Williams, Diane Lane and Jennifer Lopez in this kids drama where a 10 year old boy has a growth disease that makes him look like a 40 year old man… time to go to school.

What in the holy fuck am I watching? Who is it for? A director going through a crisis of grief. And a genius comedy star whose ability to improvise is often capsized by his attraction to saccharine maudlin vehicles. The intended audience might find the queasy, boisterous ADHD boys playing sequence mildly distracting but adults have little hope of anything but boredom and a turned stomach. I love Robin Williams but Good Will Hunting Robin Williams or Aladdin Robin Williams or Insomnia Robin Williams or Mork Robin Williams. Sickbag Robin Williams rears his ugly head way too often in the 1990s.


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