Trouble With the Curve (2012)

Robert Lorenz directs Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake in this baseball road movie where a high flying lawyer daughter must put her career on hold and help her irascible baseball scout Dad eye up the next top draft pick.

A movie so comfortable being what it is that the title is an obvious spoiler that doesn’t dampen the conclusion one jot. Two of my favourite stars have a belated Daddy Daughter week. And it works – hitting low level but satisfactory seams of comedy, drama, romance and sparkle. This is a tight package… neat and formulaic without ever feeling forced or lazy. I know those are some opposing adjectives to square away but this feels very much like an Eighties blockbuster. The focus is on characters and heart, a good time, an undemanding time. A two hour, anachronistic cutie worth the cost of your ticket and snacks. Also it is kinda endearing to watch a script that has been written to be the grouchy counter-argument to Moneyball. While this isn’t in the same ballpark as that modern classic they are at least playing the same game. The goal is hope, understanding, authenticity, value and passion for the game.


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