Coyote Ugly (2000)

David McNally directs Piper Perabo, John Goodman and Maria Bello in this ‘singer songwriter goes to the big bad city and becomes a wet t-shirt bartender’ romance.

How does Coyote Ugly turn a profit? Stock is poured everywhere, swarms of customers have to wait between bar fights and dance numbers to hopefully get served, the Front of House spit booze into used beer bottles rather than just pouring a shot of water and pocketing the tip and the place is a Health and Safety shitfest. I don’t care about Piper Perabo’s dreams. We need to stop encouraging people to follow their dreams. The John Goodman scenes are better than anything else that takes place. A test audience clearly thought so. As we have sore thumb filmed, late in the day bonus codas starring the great man himself. Just fucking ice all over the floor and not even a yellow A sign!?


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