Three Men & A Little Lady (1990)

Emile Ardolino directs Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson in this romantic comedy sequel to the bachelors raise a cute kid smash hit.

Inessential but I’ll always give it a pass due to my affection for the original. There are problems here. The main being the struggle aside from money to find a valid reason to reunite the cast. After a few solid laughs based around the lads trying to shepherd the precocious tot through the adult world, we shift gears into a very trad romcom. Selleck makes for a fine lead and he gets to bounce off a wonderfully awkward Fiona Shaw for his England scenes. Guttenberg and Danson get relegated to background extras for much of the runtime and the little lady is all but forgotten about. It isn’t what anyone really bought a ticket for, the very outdated stereotypical view of ‘good ole Blighty’ irritates and the gags are few and far between. It is just about saccharine, lighthearted and poppy enough to get away with its sins but there was a better movie to be had from reuniting the cast – all it took was some more imagination and less compromises. Ted Danson allegedly didn’t leave LA for his scenes which must have been quite the fudge seeing as the action was filmed on location in Manhattan and Hampshire! See if you can spy him in an exterior shot?


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