The Hunt (2020)

Craig Zobel directs Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank and Ethan Suplee in this satirical action comedy where a rich cabal kidnaps the people they are politically opposed to and hunts them on a reserve full of traps and twists.

The Hunt ain’t a perfect slice of B-Movie exploitation. The politics are scattershot and it is difficult to commit into the action. The first 30 minutes is a pass-the-parcel of protagonists… just when you log that the camera has focussed on a recognisable or potentially heroic face for more than two shots… that actor is maimed, killed or imploded. It is a neato running joke but unsettling storytelling. The second half is much better. Betty Gilpin’s off-kilter but sharp one woman army takes the battle back to the spoilt and the filmmakers have just as much sport lampooning the doomed elite as they do the defenceless poor. The political content is probably a little too broad and “2019 America” specific to work out-with a undelayed cinema release but the violence is consistently OTT. Taken as a more colourful variation of a Purge movie or a free roaming update of The Last Supper… The Hunt is consistently slambang entertaining even in its weaker moments.


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