Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004)

Quentin Tarantino directs Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Michael Madsen in this second half of The Bride’s roaring rampage of revenge.

Uma driving film noir style. Wedding hipsters v church folk. “Rufus, he’s the man.” A distant flute. Enter the Bill. Doing his best to be sweet. God, if Tommy Plymptom wasn’t such a schmuck there never would have been a massacre at Two Pines. Record shop for sale! Brotherly advice. Bo Diddley’s voice: “In El Paso Texas, it cost 250 bucks!” Budd’s late for work. Sid Haig cameo. “Fuckin’ with your cash is the only thing you kids seem to understand!” Might start employing the Larry Bishop method to how I manage people. Laying in wait. Rock salt to the titties. Spittin’ tabbaccy in the face = the final indignity. Madsen is the unsung hero of this film. It is his best bit of screen acting and he makes Budd sympathetic and reasonable… yet still a figure to be feared. Is it awful my favourite Viper is the token man? The lonely grave of Paula Schultz. Uma’s adoring face as Bill tells the Bride about religious genocide. No American sass. Pai Mei is a perfect parody. Issac Hayes theme tuned fight. Training montage. Okey dokey, we now know how she can punch through wood with only three inches clearance but how does she burrow up through six feet of compacted soil? Did Pai Mei train her to be a mole too? Glass of water! Elle Driver’s muscle car… woof, and I ain’t even a petrolhead. Unhygienic margaritas for a business brunch. “Melanie Whorehouse?” “Here.” “Beatrix Kiddo?” Gargantuan. Trailer cat fight. Bog wash! Budd’s porno collection gets messed up. He didn’t pawn that sword. “That’s right. I killed your master. And now I’m gonna kill you, with your own sword!” Poisoned fish heads. What do you call a Daryl with no eyes? Thrashing around like Pris in Blade Runner! Those middle three chapters and the very next scene are QT’s finest hour of directing. Because the next scene contains Esteban Vihaio. Charming, brutal retired pimp. (Natalie might ban me from watching this scene in future as she has to put up with weeks of near constant bad Latin Michael Parks impressions in the aftermath.) B.B. playing possum. Bill is a pretty awesome fantasy dad. A goldfish learns about life and death from a sadist. Rare bit of natural child acting. Shogun Assassin is not appropriate Mommy / Daughter reunion watching. The Indisputable Truth. Bill (QT)’s Clark Kent theory. More talking. I’m zoning out. More talking. Nothing has happened for an hour. More talking. I wonder what Esteban is up to? More talking. I mean I’m invested in the characters but I don’t think there are any earth shattering revelations in this therapy session / confession. The five point palm technique. Shit, I almost clocked out and missed it. Bill is killed. Indulgently chatty ending even for Quent that mars a four hour double bill epic. The Bride is so passive and just listens for a quarter of her story. Just no. One mark off! “The lioness has been reunited with her cub, and all is well in the jungle.” Fuck yeah! All the faces! Then the name credits for this chapter. Question mark for Elle… ooh! Never fails to leave with me a massive smile on my face. The first film is perfect but this has the true diamonds dotted around fool’s gold.


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