Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Tim Story directs Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans in this sequel to the superhero origins story where our mutated team of scientists struggle with a shiny harbinger of the apocalypse who alters the psychics of both the Earth and the Human Torch.

A rare, actually child friendly capes and costumes adventure. It is silly, lightweight and all the better for it. While being vanilla and never colouring outside the lines, it manages to deliver followable action, obvious japes and zero-frills drama. All with a clunky, rubbery complete lack of finesse. My vague memory of the comics hit exactly this goofy, softplay, soapy tone. Story fully exploits Johnny Storm’s new infection that’s means he swaps powers on touch with other team members, the fact that Alba is an absolute biscuit to look at for pubescent boys and we get one of Marvel’s coolest icons in his only big screen adventure… so far. I bet if any of the Fox owned characters get mined first now Disney has them then it will be the Silver Surfer. Is this a good film? Nope. Would I rewatch it? Never! Does it do exactly what it sets out to? Yep, it somersaults that low bar with a bold simplicity.


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