Non-Stop (2014)

Jaume Collet-Serra directs Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Michelle Dockery in this action mystery where a drunk Federal Air Marshall must solve who is killing his passengers on a transatlantic flight.

I have an absolute blast every time I watch Non-Stop. Like all his slick and glossy B-Movies, this has Neeson kicking ass, taking names and threatening to be the fine actor he once was rather than pleasingly ridiculous movie star he has become. What elevates this particular mid budget slab of hokum above the other vehicles is it is utterly, utterly barmy yet also plotted as water tight as a duck’s bum. There are 720 degree twists that would make Agatha Christie piss her knickers and disaster movie escalations that would make the Airplane! team chuckle at their ludicrous catastrophic unlikeliness. Yet both forms of gamble are executed with over confident finesse continually. Non-Stop is far too compulsive and hectoring (just like its hulking star) to pick at or give up on. I loved it at the cinema on release and have watched it in bits in hotel rooms with sound down late night a few occasions since. This is my first full rewatch and I’m quite happy to say it is the best thing Neeson, Moore, doomed aeroplanes and international terrorists have done this century. The below score is generous but what else can you give as unashamed and thrusting an entertainment as Non-Stop?! Popcorn heaven.


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