The Invincibles (1994)

Dominik Graf directs Herbert Knaup, Katja Flint and Hansa Czypionka in this German police thriller where a special forces cop gets dragged into a world of corruption and conspiracy when he recognises his dead partner on a raid.

A decent police thriller that might have been more praiseworthy if it were a four part miniseries or an airport novel. As a feature film, Graf brings it in terms of its set pieces, savagery and explicit sex. But there’s something quite pedestrian about the unravelling plot, paranoid tropes and soapy revelations. More Prime Suspect than The Wire in it sophistication and depth. The version we watched had “lost” video grade footage spliced back in that was excised at time of release. The glaring reinstated scenes mainly consist of laddish banter between the SWAT colleagues, these add little to the overall story or milieu but maybe were enough to at least justify a re-release and reappraisal. Not a terrible way to spend a Saturday night but no overlooked classic either!


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