In the Cut (2003)

Jane Campion directs Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Jason Leigh in this erotic thriller where an English professor gets involved with the cop investigating a serial murderer; yet the closer their intimacy, the more she suspects he is the man of violence.

Hazy and woozy… more interested in being a sensual immersive experience than a nuts and bolts thriller. It works almost in spite of its pretentions. The attraction between Ryan and Ruffalo is palpable, he delivers his most starry and machismo driven turn. Both the sex and violence have a boundary pushing rawness. Campion and cinematographer Dion Beebe turns post-9/11 Manhattan into a dirty dreamscape. The streets perspire and the air fogs up like an backseat car fuck. Every man is a big bad wolf, claws and teeth bared. Potential killer, possessive rapist, cornered cheater. It pushes the same feminist buttons Campion explored in Top of the Lake. This is the fairytale dry run.


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