Big Business (1988)

Jim Abrahams directs Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin and Fred Ward in this comedy where two sets of twins are mismatched at birth – one set from a little town based around a furniture factory, the others from the big city mega-corporation that plans to sell the community off thirty years later.

Hi-jinks ensue. The first half hour is packed with jokes and silly singing numbers but it gets lazy and repetitive long before the end. I’m not even sure the happy ending where everyone is paired off romantically and the town is saved has been earned or is what half of these characters wanted five minutes earlier? Still Tomlin and Midler ham it up even when all the movie has them do is narrowly miss each other in the hotel lobby for the millionth time on an endless loop. By the point you realise the gags have dried up, Midler’s Eighties fashions and mugging have gone into pleasing overdrive.


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