River’s Edge (1986)

Tim Hunter directs Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover and Ione Skye in this crime drama where a group of high schoolers are taken to see one of their classmates’ body, lying naked by the riverbank, killed by their friend.

Easily the bleakest teen movie ever made. The casual indifference most of the kids have to seeing their friend’s naked corpse or still hanging with the boy who committed the crime after is chilling. Eventually this becomes a leaping off point for a night of bad behaviour as some try to do the right thing for little reward and others try to abet the killer. Crispin Glover puts in a full shift as the highly strung gang leader who sees this as a chance to prove his loyalty. It is an unusual lead turn matched in intensity by Dennis Hopper’s insane agoraphobic biker whose house they orbit. But Keanu makes the best impression as the haunted good kid. His toxic home life is key to understanding the mindset here. The ambivalence to a murdered human is mirrored by the care he and his little sister put into the mock grave for a lost doll.


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