Coffy (1973)

Jack Hill directs Pam Grier, Sid Haig and Robert DoQui in this Blaxploitation classic where a nurse turns vigilante to take down the syndicate who got her sister hooked on drugs.

Pam Grier is stunning in this. She handles the shotguns and the undercover personas and the looking sexy even when she has clearly been rolling around on highway hard shoulder garbage with A-Grade magnetism. She gets a score and a humpin’ n thumpin’ soundtrack to match her cool and all the action. The movie delivers on the violence and the nudity and the sleazy. Pimps are keel-hauled and brothels have catfights that only end once everyone’s breasts have been exposed. So why am I not giving Coffy a higher score? Well… for every scene that is tasty as fuck, there’s another two that tread water or fill time. It ain’t a sophisticated thriller but in its best moments it does thrill.


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