Tell Me Who I Am (2019)

Ed Perkins directs Alex Lewis, Marcus Lewis and Andrew Caley in this documentary where two twins share their sides of a dark story; one who lost all his memories at 18 in a motorbike crash, the other who helped him rebuild his understanding of their world.

Possible Spoilers! An engrossing documentary that is in turns creepy and emotionally intelligent. Watching it late night, with the lights off, certain sequences gave me shivers as we explore the nooks and crannies of two men’s decaying upbringing. A mixture of talking heads, over saturated photos and a camera drifting around a damp and busy country house, the atmosphere evoked is suffocating. Perkins smartly often only gives us rapid glimpses of the family albums, not allowing us to settle on the principals as they pose in the past. Conversely his exploration of the grim and foreboding family home does linger and there are moments when your own subconscious adds twitches of lurking monsters in the negative space. This watch was on the recommendation of Paul Laight on his The Cinema Fix blog. I’ll be honest, if I knew the full extent of the revelations being dripfed to us I might have skipped this factual mystery. There’s no way content like this can’t be seen as exploitative and I tend to prefer my true crime to be gangsters and gamblers rather than murderers and predators. I won’t spoil what unfolds as one brother realises his protector has redacted a huge portion of the memories that he lost in a motorbike accident. The film churns up some troubling questions about recall and the self and the “right thing to do” in an extreme situation. I personally feel Marcus did make the correct choice by avoiding giving his brother any harmful details about their childhood, trauma that no soul would want to know. Equally as much as as Alex the seeker might want answers, he feels often uncaring to just how painful these answers might be for the brother who still has them within him. Gripping, haunting and complex.


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