Grease 2 (1982)

Patricia Birch directs Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield and Lorna Luft in this period high school musical comedy sequel featuring a new crew of T-Birds and Pink Ladies.

The first Grease was lightning in a bottle. You’d have been mad to think a film where 30-somethings play horny teens in nostalgic drag would ever be the blockbuster of its summer. It was foolhardy of Paramount to try and capture that lightning again with none of the name stars or personnel returning! There’s a reason we don’t still play the Grease 2 Megamix at parties. Two good songs (Reproduction and Cool Rider) and a load of dross. There’s a camp charm in seeing a pre-fame Pfeiffer prattle about with gusto but she isn’t much better than the scrum of nobodys and no personalities that populate this overlong drag. Correction: Over populate! Singing and dancing is seemingly none of the principals forte here so Birch crowds shots with swarms of extras and keeps the cutting tight. It is busy but insubstantial. Seeing as no-one seems comfortable with core demands of a musical you can only imagine the debauched compromises that happened during the casting stage! Should have been covered in The Worst Movies We Own Podcast!


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