Guest House Paradiso (1999)

Adrian Edmondson directs himself, Rik Mayall and Hélène Maheiu in this gross-out slapstick comedy where Eddie and Richie run a hotel by a nuclear power plant that ain’t getting any rosettas from the guide books.

Let me tell you how brilliant it is being married! You can drop all plans for the day on a dime when you realise Netflix is now streaming the much derided Bottom movie from the late 1990s and know both pieces of our two part human jigsaw are gonna fit together snugly in bed and love the fuck out of it! We laughed our arses off at the first hour. The violence that’d make Laurel & Hardy apply for restraining orders. The stupid running jokes like the boys saying “Pheeb!” through an antiquated intercom before communicating. The sheer demented enthusiasm of Rik Mayall to put himself in the most degenerate of poses and positions. He was a wild, smug, rude, sweaty, gurning, unrestrained comedy genius. Either you are going to laugh out loud at the fact that both Italian characters are named after pasta dishes or you should probably watch a Kevin Hart movie instead like the feltbrain you are. Nurr! Sure the film does run out of steam at the midway mark, relying on bad taste goodwill and endless vomiting rather than fresh jokes to get it over the finish line. But Edmondson directs it all with a hell for leather flair, the whole thing looks pleasingly like a low rent Tim Burton movie or a dirty postcard come to sped-up life. There’s enough anarchic comedy content for two good TV episodes of Bottom and at least they didn’t go to Spain for a holiday. Far, far better than its dismal reputation suggests. But admittedly still only recommended for British alternative comedy “specialists”!


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