Police Story 2 (1986)

Jackie Chan directs himself, Maggie Cheung and Charlie Cho in this kung-fu action comedy sequel where the dedicated cop tracks a mad bomber.

This could have been a re-run of all the dangerous fun of the original. Instead bloat sets in. There are sidebars a plenty, very few of them fruitful. Jackie gets fired, suspended, retires, demoted, goes undercover, leads a team of sexy surveillance operatives. None of these distractions result in the lunatic mayhem that makes the original sizzle. The best moment of physicality in the first hour is when Jackie answers multiple phones on his lunch break. Keeping the parallel conversations going like they are spinning plates. We do build up to an action spectacular in a fireworks factory and while I’m sure the stuntwork is just as risky even this feels slightly lower key compared to the first hit’s mall battle. Still a solid entertainer. Only a Hong Kong thriller could get away with an older cop’s bad farts creating tension during a bug planting sting operation!


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