Thirst (1979)

Rod Hardy directs Chantal Contouri, Max Phipps and David Hemmings in this Ozploitation horror where a committee of blood farming vampires try to convert the descendant of Elizabeth Bathory.

A pretty dry look at what a conspiracy of vampires might resemble if they decided to emulate the model of the Australian Milk Board. It is more Tale of the Unexpected than a bite-fest like The Hunger or Near Dark. Apart from legacy, you are never sure why they are so eager to brainwash housewife Kylie-look-a-like Chantal Contouri. She puts up far too much rebellion, resistance and struggle for it to be worth their while. Finally gets around to some Grand Guignol deaths during the final escape attempt. A score by Mad Max’s Brian May gives vintage pleasures to this curious throwback.


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