Mr. Klein (1976)

Joseph Losey directs Alain Delon, Juliet Berto and Michael Lonsdale in this holocaust mystery where a Parisian art dealer who exploits the Jews finds himself mistaken by the authorities for a Jew with the same name.

Listen… I get Mr. Klein. I get the Kafka-esque homage where a man is hounded by an uncaring bureaucracy searching for an insidious doppelgänger while changing into something undesirable in society’s eyes. I get that he is so caught up in hunting the other he doesn’t recognise that he is setting himself onto a track to genocide. The exploiter is so over confident in is his invulnerability, society chooses to turn a blind eye to their compatriots turmoil, everyone who silently lets the system get on with this round-up that everyone knows is coming has blood on their hands and guilt on their soul. I get how nightmarish and real and foreshadowed the disturbing final moments are. It is a rigorously constructed piece of allegorical cinema. Right down to the Alsatian that equally might belong to a disappeared Jew or a goose stepping guard herding the innocents on to trains. Bit boring though, ain’t it?


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