Brain Damage (1988)

Frank Henenlotter directs Rick Hearst, Jennifer Lowry and Gordon MacDonald in this horror comedy where a young man conjoins with a charming parasite who gives him addictive hallucinations and just wants to eat the brains of others in return.

A cult gem from the video store glory years. Aylmer the parasite is one charming dude. Softly spoken, intelligent, confident of his upper hand. The violence he causes is manna for us practical FX gore hounds, the comedy he engenders is deftly silly, the trips he injects into your mind are memorable low rent fantasias. He’s the bargain basement punk answer to The Little Shop of Horror and Gremlins. I’ve never seen a Henenlotter production yet that doesn’t look like it would give you all the Hepatitises yet makes you laugh and repulse with unbridled glee. Shame no studio ever gambled and gave his red light district brand of nasty a budget he could have really fucked around with!


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