Lords of Salem (2012)

Rob Zombie directs Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison and Judy Geeson in this demonic horror where a radio DJ’s life is taken over by a coven of executed witches.

A little more subdued than their gore fests, this is just as messy and distinctive as all the Zombie family output. So the plot and tone is undisciplined and unruly, so Sheri Moon isn’t exactly anyone but Rob’s choice of a leading lady, so the look is so dirty that you are scared you’ll get hepatitis just glancing at it. There is imagery here that brands itself on your brain. Real horror freak show stuff imprinted on your brain! That repugnant atmosphere is something no other horror director can sustain for a movie entire. This does lack some of the blunt force humour that the Zombie household “lighten” their films with. But even that can be sick and grating and overpowering at times. Listen… I’m clearly conflicted about these movies. I’ve never seen a Rob Zombie movie I unreservedly loved but equally I would watch them all again in a heartbeat. This move away from torture into the supernatural leaves a raw hangover of fear. What do you want from your horror movies?


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