Demons 2 (1986)

Lamberto Bava directs Nancy Brilli, Bobby Rhodes and Asia Argento in this Italian horror sequel where the screen-hopping monsters infect a skyscraper.

A gorehound’s Die Hard: made somehow years before John McClane even dirtied his vest. This borrows the dripping corrosive blood of Alien, the disaster ensemble structure of The Towering Inferno, the infection rate of Dawn of the Dead. Seriously, this is like watching a 90 minute game of hide and seek or tag where the downside of being caught is mutating into an impressively rabid grotesque. It is admittedly bittier than the already quite random original. There are about 10 subplots that either end abruptly or toddle off without true resolution. One partygoer is left locked outside the glass cage waiting to ward off some unwanted punks… for little audience gain. A middle aged couple visit a Christmas market with no instances of monstrous possession to report. If you’ve come for narrative sense you’ve come to the wrong shop, brother. If you’ve come for bodybuilders throwing dumbbells at drooling undead loons or glamorous call girls losing it in elevators… then, boy-o-boy, do I have the kaleidoscope of nasty for you! I’m surprised given the quality of this series we never got a third VHS freak out.


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