The Devil’s Candy (2015)

Sean Byrne directs Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby and Pruitt Taylor Vince in this demonic horror where an artist and his family move into a farmhouse with a diabolical past.

Byrne’s debut The Loved Ones was a nasty little blast, this belated follow-up is strong on atmosphere but light on shocks. It abruptly wraps up at a point where you want at least two more cycles of mayhem before the credits. The terror elements are there. A possessed Dad creating unsettling art. The former tenant revisiting in a dirty old shellsuit with blood on his hands. An electric guitar welding teen heroine. The voice of Hell driving everyone mad. The acting is above par, everything crashes together in an apocalyptic fury… and then it finishes up without scoring enough of the promised murders or carnage. Unbalanced but worth a watch. Better than any of the Amityville films which this owes a blood debt.


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