American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince (1978)

Martin Scorsese directs Steven Prince, himself and George Memmoli in this documentary where raconteur, music manager and heroin addict Steven Prince turns up to a party, sits on a couch and tells his best anecdotes.

Marty doesn’t want a gun pointed at him at one point. Fair enough. I’m not sure turning the camera on Steven Prince is that healthy for the subject either. Steven Prince played Easy Andy, the gun dealer in Taxi Driver. It is a very impactful and charismatic one scene role. His life is full of stories. And smack. Some of his parroted mumbling gets lost in the weeds… he has told these coke party crowdpleasers of deals gone wrong, bad behaviour and violence erupting so many times he has forgotten some essential lines that connect one incident to the next. He is struggling to stay on the ball. Not quite as good as reputation. Quite sad. There’s one story Pulp Fiction fans will recognise. Tarantino lifted it. But then turned that anecdote into a great scene. That’s what a great filmmaker does.


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